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Our offered services are as follows. Please note that catering also covers online food orders both personal and co-operate.


As golden Events we are happy to announce that we offer catering as a individual service, which covers all your delicious qusines.


Coperate Events

It’s a social event that we plan and organise on behalf of a company. We
tailor the event according to the company’s specification.


Private Events

We organize private functions from engagement party, wedding party,
bridal shower and birthday party.



For those who would be in need of gerneral interor decorators and are also in search of space to hire for events such as workshops.


Abit about us

by Mordecai MusinahamaSept 8th, 2021

Golden Events Management is a company founded in February 2015, By Ritha Mutazu with the goal of being the best service events management provider in Africa, Zimbabwe Ritha Being a gourmet and an aspiring international pro chef has had many years in the cooking industry she deeply inspired the great internationally recognized chefs such as Gordan Ramsey and . She has attended many masterclasses on pasta, pastry and other fields of cooking. Not only has Ritha been fond of cooking she has spent money and time learning and understanding the principles of interior design, deco and Events management as one of the top events events manager in Bulawayo.More


Our top three employees who have had the most influence in the organization and have put in more than just time and effort but have been passionate at all times and have strived to produce the best results at all instances

Ritha Mutazu

Founder / ceo

Mordecai Musinahama

IT consultant + Content creator

Fadzai Bova

head of Deco

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